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6 Books for Self-Care in 2020 and Beyond

As winter and a new year (and decade!) ascends, now is a good time to cozy up with a book — or books. The cold weather lends itself to introspection, reflection, hibernation, and rather than fight it, we’re looking forward to this new season thanks to a curation of literature piling up on our bookshelves. Below, find a selection of our favorite end-of-year reads designed to keep you company through the winter, and more importantly, empower you to live your healthiest, radiant life in 2020 and beyond.


Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself — Dr. Joe Dispenza reminds us that we create our own realities. His work puts science at the center, combining neuroscience, biology, quantum physics and genetics to show how we can rewire our minds to make change in any area of our lives. His research lives at the intersection of spirituality and science, showing how we can break away from our predisposed habits to change ourselves for the better.

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

Change your mind

Penguin Random House, $16.99

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Sober Curious — Are you looking to break up with alcohol, or simply looking for a break? Author Ruby Warrington unpacks what it means to live a sober lifestyle and the many benefits it affords our overall well-being, from our professional lives to our relationships. Whether you’re looking to reduce your alcohol intake or cut it our entirely, her research affirms how and why healthy decisions affect mind, body and spirit.

Sober Curious

Break up with alcohol

Harper Collins, $20

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The Untethered Soul — For those seeking answers to the profound questions of life: what is consciousness? Who am I? What is my purpose? How do I make friends with my mind? Author Michael Singer dives into the depths of the human psyche, helping you make sense of your inner journey. This book gives you permission to explore new realms of yourself to transform your mind and how you approach the world.

The Untethered Soul

Harbinger, $23

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Super Attractor — If you want to manifest the life of your dreams, look no further than Super Attractor. Motivational Speaker Gabby Bernstein’s book is all about aligning your thoughts and your emotions with your deepest desires. This book lays out a step-by-step guide for tuning into your spiritual power and tapping into the source of abundance that lives within you. If you’re feeling stuck or simply ready to unlock new light for the new year, this is a great read to help you re-discover your power.

Super Attractor

Manifest living your best life

Penguin Random House, $25.99

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Yogi’s Inner Guide to Meditation — A beginner’s guide to meditation that invites you to slow down in our fast-paced world, presented to Western readers through the lens of a hatha yoga practice. Visionary and yogi Sadhguru writes about his personal experience as a young boy, riding across India on a motorbike, then ending up on a mountaintop in Southern India where he found enlightenment. This book helps you light the path for your own life, understanding how yoga can transform us and light a new path toward greater joy and well-being.

Inner Engineering

Isha Foundation, $26

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Altered Traits — The science is in: meditation can alter our states (and traits) emotionally, physically and spirituality. Authors Daniel Goeman and Richard J. Davidson lay out the data of how our personality traits can shift through mental awareness, creating lifelong, positive change. They also lay the foundation for the groundwork for mind training with a methodology for receiving the greatest benefits of a regular meditation habit

Altered Traits

Learn the science of meditation

Penguin Random House, $27

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