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Four Tonics for Revitalizing Body Aches and Tension

It’s a proven fact that stretching or light movement in the morning improves circulation and increases blood flow to the brain and muscles. This movement gives us a boost in energy and wakes up the nervous system so we can realign our bodies and move through the day in full alignment. But as aches and pains arise throughout the day, whether from seated at the computer or while traveling, it’s important to be prepared with natural relief to help ease everyday tensions. Below are four products we love that are designed to combat aches and anxieties, so you can glow:


With the potent yet gentle GoldynGlow Detox Turmeric Blend, you can flush toxins out of your system without disrupting your stomach. A popular staple of Ayurvedic food and medicine for literally thousands of years, turmeric is well-known for its power to cleanse the liver, reduce inflammation, and improve circulation. Adding the blend of dandelion roots, cloves, and cayenne onto your food or beverages can also build your immunity back up after a cold, travel, or a big night out.

Detox Turmeric Blend

Cleanse and restore for wellness

GoldynGlow, $28

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If you wake up with a rain cloud swarming in your mind, Moon Juice has just the dust to boost your mood. With its unique blend of adaptogenic herbs, roots, and mushrooms, a sprinkle of Moon Juice Spirit Dust will brighten, center, and soothe the mind, imbuing you with a sense of calm and tranquility. Just stir it into your favorite morning beverage — coffee or tea, matcha or smoothie — and watch the cloud evaporate.

Spirit Dust

Adaptogens for mood

Moon Juice, $38

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For alleviating your body’s aches and pains, a little turmeric mixed with ginger, black pepper oil, and cannabidiol (CBD) goes a long way. With its concentrated formula of hemp extract, oils, and vitamins, all it takes is a couple drops of Plant People’s Drops+ Relief Tincture under the tongue to relieve soreness and reduce muscle discomfort. While CBD is widely available and popular as gummies, creams, teas, oils, and pens, this vegan, organic, and non-GMO tincture is the most direct and efficient method for experiencing the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis-derived compound.

Drops+ Relief 720 MG

Plant People, $80



Sometimes you’re too on the move to stop for drops. For de-stressing as you dash around town, there’s the Be Alert Vape Pen. This sleek and discreet CBD vape pen can also provide an extra boost of energy, relieve muscle pain, and reduce nausea — while containing only five ingredients, all organic: pure pharma grade non-GMO CBD, MCT coconut oil, lemon oil, lime oil, and ginger oil.

Be Alert Vape Pen 200 MG

CBD Luxe, $34


While these powders, pens, and tinctures can be vital for revitalizing your spirits, they work even better when paired with a regular mindful routine. Take a couple of minutes to close your eyes, stretch your body, and allow yourself to completely surrender and relax into the moment.