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OEDO-KOH Cherry Blossom
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OEDO-KOH Cherry Blossom

Savor the joy of Spring time

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Inspired by the somei-yoshino cherry tree in Japan, OEDO-KOH Cherry Blossom Incense evokes a refreshing and sweet floral scent, captivating your Spring time senses. This comes with a portable and easy-to-burn package, with bamboo-free sticks for clean burning and the box includes a tin holder for each use.

Contains 60 sticks each with a burn time of approx. 12 minutes

2.63 x 4.01 x 0.78
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What's Inside

Bamboo-free Sticks

Nippon Kodo

Nippon Kodo's devotion to making fine incense follows an honored tradition that started more than 400 years ago and can be traced back to Koju, a skilled artisan and the principal provider of exquisite aromas to the Emperor of Japan. Many of those pleasing and enduring high-quality incense fragrances, which the company continues to produce to this day, are based on the original formulas created by Koju.

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