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Fire & Ice/Crackle Quartz Towers
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Fire & Ice/Crackle Quartz Towers

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Fire and Ice or Crackle Quartz is the name given to a particular region of Quartz that grow in Brazil. These stones are introduced to such extreme temperatures as they grow that the inside of the crystal cracks and breaks producing stunning mirrors and refractions of light. This is a stone that reminds us of our own strength and endurance, our sense of vitality. No matter how extreme the temperature or conditions may be in your life, Fire and Ice is here to remind you that you can handle it and transmute anything. 

This batch of towers vary in exact size but are approximately 1.5 - 2" tall with varying widths. All of these towers are self standing and produce beautiful inner rainbows. 

These stones can be cleansed with water or herbal smoke like white sage. 

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