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Beauty Gem Bottle

Drink the power of crystals

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The Beauty Gem Bottle uses the power of crystals to hydrate and nurture beauty from the inside out. Amethyst, aventurine quartz, and rose quartz blend together as a powerful elixir to heal and support the body and soften skin.
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What's Inside

Aventurine quartz
Rose quartz

Gem Water

Naturally transform the quality of everyday tap water with the vibrational energy of gems in our reusable, lead-free glass bottles. Infusing water with gems has been practiced for millennia, but Ewald has created a modern and beautiful way to do it. Gemstones enliven your water, restoring some of its properties to levels comparable to actual spring water.


How to Use

  1. 1. Wash bottle before use. Unscrew top cap and run water directly into the bottle. 2. Wait 7-10 minutes to increase oxygenation and boost alkalinity (pH) of everyday tap, filtered, or bottled water up to 8.02


Inscape Guarantee

Our curated products have all natural ingredients and are not tested on animals.

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