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Chronicle Books

Crystals: The Stone Deck

Radiate with crystal energy


Paige Novick

Gem Story Oil Balance

When its time for balance


Paige Novick

Gem Story Oil Calm

When its time to chill


Paige Novick

Gem Story Oil Passion

When its time for passion


Province Apothecary

Jade Roller

Exude radiance by smoothing, toning, and stimulating the...


Stoned Crystals

Love Triangle Rose Quartz

Open your heart to love



Pyrite in Matrix

Manifest confidence

From $23.00

Energy Muse

Selenite Harmonizer

Vibrational energy for cleansing



Titanium Quartz Crystal

Awaken your creative powers

On Sale from $12.00

Costa Brazil

Resina De Breu

Ancient healing for modern life


Ariana Ost

Sound Healing Crystal Kit Multi Stone

Sound healing powered by crystals


Serene House

Travel Diffuser Green

Small yet powerful diffuser


Serene House

Travel Diffuser White

Small yet powerful diffuser


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