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XL Clear Quartz Cluster
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XL Clear Quartz Cluster

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Featuring an 8.5" perfectly terminated tower with rainbows, this cluster is a powerful way to bring in clarity, purity and the amplification of good vibes into your life. All the terminations in this cluster are large towers of their own, intersecting and growing through one another. This piece has not been polished over so you can see and feel the beginnings of other quartz that were forming along the towers. This cluster has mostly crystal clear terminations with clouded bases along the matrix. A perfect remind to ascend and level up. 

Approx. 10 x 7 x 8.5" this cluster is self standing on a raw matrix that can be displayed from two different angles depending how it's set down. 


This stone can be cleansed with water or herbal smoke like white sage. 

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