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INSCAPE Essentials Kit
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INSCAPE Essentials Kit

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All the products you need to help manifest your intention in one box.

Each kit includes a curation of INSCAPE's favorite and best-selling products, a month of the INSCAPE app, and access to a playlist of meditations.

Discover inner peace and clarity. 

Apply any of these luxurious therapeutic blends of Wellness Essential Oils to restore energy, bliss, rest, calm or uplift your own gorgeous for good.

Feel the powers of the Palo Santo Candle as it releases a positive energy within your space using calming notes of vanilla, smoke and cinnamon.

Light OEDO-KOH Water Drop Incense and fill your space with warm and refreshing floral scents for inspiring aromatherapy.

Read The Untethered Soul to free yourself from limitations, and discover inner peace within the present moment. You'll discover what you can do to put an end to the habitual thoughts and emotions that limit your consciousness.

Manifest your intentions holding the Clear Quartz Point, inspiring clarity in your mind and space around you. 

Total Value $125

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INSCAPE’s new line of products are sourced with high-quality, premium and organic ingredients. Our organic hemp is sourced from Colorado and is non-GMO & pesticide free. Processed in a CGMP and ISO 9001 lab, the CBD is extracted from the hemp using an alcohol extraction, making it THC-free and tasteless.

Pro tip: pair this tincture with a sound bath or visualization journey with the INSCAPE App.



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