Love & Happiness

Encourage positive emotions, find acceptance, and discover purpose with our selection of books, candles, oils, and more.
Chronicle Books

Love Spells

Manifest the power of love


Gem Water

Love Gem Bottle

Sip on love


Moon Juice

Holy Yoni Adaptogenic Oil

Cherish the altar between your legs


Penguin Random House

The Astrology of You and Me

Discover why your stars crossed


Penguin Random House

How to Love

Understand the power of love


Stoned Crystals

Love Triangle Rose Quartz

Open your heart to love



The Untethered Soul Card Deck

Inspire inner peace


Moon Juice

Sex Dust

Adaptogens for fire


The Happiness Planner

Happiness Planner Gradient Orange/Pink

Focus on positive thinking


The Happiness Planner

Happiness Planner Gradient Turquoise/Peach

Focus on positive thinking


Chronicle Books

Compliment Cards

Feel better, together



Goop: The Sex Issue

Connect through sexual energy



Rise Latex Condoms

Nontoxic easy-open condoms



Burn Massage Candle

Lather in sensual aromas



Happy Turmeric Superfood Blend

Positive powers of turmeric


Chronicle Books

The Little Book of Happiness

Live. Laugh. LoveBy Allison Davies Happiness is contagious,...


Chronicle Books


Encourage adventure


Paper Crane Apothecary

Everlasting Love Mist

A mist to set the mood


Paige Novick

Gem Story Oil Passion

When its time for passion


Wooden Spoon Herbs

Rose-Colored Glasses

Herbal blend of positive love


Neo Utility

Who Should I Be With Card Game

Play the game of love


Lake & Skye

11:11 Candle

Our favorite scent, now for the home


Lake & Skye

11:11 Fragrance

Make your wishes come true



She Wolfe Tarot

She Wolfe TarotBy artist and writer Devany Wolfe...



Love Interior Aromatics

Rich and hypnotic, Love is a transcendent blend...


Gem Water

Rose Quartz Crystal Straw

In the healing arts, rose quartz is known...


Inscape Guarantee

Our curated products have all natural ingredients and are not tested on animals.