Reduce Stress

Our edit of essential oils, incense, supplements, and adaptogens will help you release anxiety, find balance and calm.


Bath & Meditate Bundle

Make bath time even more enjoyable

From $18.00

Chronicle Books

Write it Down, Let It Go Journal

Set free your worries



Wood Cabin Candle

Feel as though you are sitting in front...



Eye Pillow - Natural

Reconnect the mind with the spirit


Province Apothecary

Jade Roller

Exude radiance by smoothing, toning, and stimulating the...



Smokeless Incense Calm

Create a relaxing environment with Bodha's Calm Ritual...


Moon Juice

SuperYou Capsules

Daily stress management


Happy Spritz

Breathe Deeply Spritz

Invigorating relief mist


Flores Lane

Meditation Candle

Place and light mindfully


Chronicle Books

Modern One Line a Day

Reflect on memories


Uma Oils

Pure Calm Wellness Oil

Alleviate tension, relax your mind



CARRY OM Stress-Relieving Aromatherapy Essence

Calm your mind, body, and senses


Harper Collins

How to Not Always Be Working

Live a balanced life


Chronicle Books


Inhale a focused feeling of calm


Paper Crane Apothecary

Don't Panic Mist

Stress less mist


Moon Juice

Cosmic Cocoa

Adaptogenic hot chocolate


Uma Oils

Pure Calm Candle

Release soothing, botanical aromas


Uma Oils

Pure Bliss Wellness Oil

Stimulate confidence



Clear Quartz Point

Set intentions with clarity


PLANT Apothecary

Be Well Body Wash

BE WELL Body Wash has essential oils used...

$18.00 $11.00

Isha Foundation

Inner Engineering

Inner Engineering: A Yogi's Guide to JoyBy Sadhguru...


Wylde One

Yoga in a Cup

Chill out with Reishi & Ashwagandha. Yoga In...



Calm Turmeric Blend

Stress soothing adaptogens


Moon Juice

Brain Dust

Adaptogens for focus



GOLDE Trio Set Box

Boost wellness from the inside out


Moon Juice

Spirit Dust

Adaptogens for mood



Smokeless Incense Ground

Bodha's Ground Ritual Blended Smokeless Incense helps you...


Chronicle Books

Calm the Chaos Journal

Start each day wiith clarity


Herbivore Botanicals

Calm Bath Salts

Salts to calm your thoughts


Wooden Spoon Herbs

Rose-Colored Glasses

Herbal blend of positive love


Paige Novick

Gem Story Oil Calm

When its time to chill


Wooden Spoon Herbs

Mushroom Magic

Bring balance to your daily life


Lake & Skye

11:11 Candle

Our favorite scent, now for the home



Calm Essential Oil

Breathe in calm, exhale anxiety


Penguin Random House

How to Breathe

Practice mindfulness and serenity


Jet Set Natural

Jet Lag Relief

Relax in flight, energize on arrival



Run The World

Who runs the world?


Moonlit Skincare

Slumber Bath Salts

Soak away the day


Harper Collins

Stress Less, Accomplish More

Meditate to recharge anywhere, anytime


Inscape Guarantee

Our curated products have all natural ingredients and are not tested on animals.