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Palo Santo Candle

Release calm, burn negativity


Pixie Lighthorse

Boundaries and Protection

Find strength in adventures


The Wild Unknown

Animal Spirit Deck and Guidebook

Reveal your natural world self


Anima Mundi

Palo Santo Myst

Spray bye to bad vibes



Amethyst Point

Soothing auras for tranquility



The Untethered Soul Card Deck

Inspire inner peace


Penguin Random House

The Astrology of You and Me

Discover why your stars crossed



She Wolfe Tarot

She Wolfe TarotBy artist and writer Devany Wolfe...


Happy Spritz

Breathe Deeply Spritz

Invigorating relief mist


Chronicle Books

Crystals: The Stone Deck

Radiate with crystal energy


Moon Juice

Full Moon Dust Box

Adaptogens for everything



Moonlight Gratitude

Sleep better by meditating


Penguin Random House

Crystal Muse

Transformational intentions



Titanium Quartz Crystal

Awaken your creative powers

On Sale from $12.00


Aura Room Spray

Clear negative energy


Herbivore Botanicals

Rose Quartz Illuminating Body Oil

Inspired by the gemstone, Herbivore Botanicals Rose Quartz...


Moon Juice

Cosmic Cocoa

Adaptogenic hot chocolate


Moon Juice

Spirit Dust

Adaptogens for mood


Chronicle Books

Love Spells

Manifest the power of love


Penguin Random House

Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics

Does meditation really work?


Moon Juice

Cosmic Matcha

Adaptogenic matcha latte


Energy Muse

Selenite Harmonizer

Vibrational energy for cleansing


Pixie Lighthorse

Prayers of Honoring

Sharing the Heart of the Community Through Prayer...



The Untethered Soul

The Journey Beyond Yourself By Michael A. Singer...


Paper Crane Apothecary

Don't Panic Mist

Stress less mist



Amethyst Cluster

Find strength from within

From $18.00

Gem Water

Love Gem Bottle

Sip on love


Herbivore Botanicals

Lapis Facial Oil

Named for the precious blue oil it contains,...


Stoned Crystals

Love Triangle Rose Quartz

Open your heart to love



Brass Ritual Incense Holder

Simple and functional


Ariana Ost

Smudging Bundle

Clear and decorate your home


Paper Crane Apothecary

Everlasting Love Mist

A mist to set the mood



Pyrite in Matrix

Manifest confidence

From $23.00

Harper Collins

The Power of Mercury

Secrets to Mercury in retrograde


Paige Novick

Gem Story Oil Calm

When its time to chill


Isha Foundation

Inner Engineering

Inner Engineering: A Yogi's Guide to JoyBy Sadhguru...



Clear Quartz Point

Set intentions with clarity



Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Odacites' rose quartz crystal beauty tool will enhance...


Stoned Crystals

Clearboy Clear Quartz

Radiate positivity with power


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