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I Am The Light Illuminator
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I Am The Light Illuminator

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Gorgeously effective for all skin types in need of radiant glowing.

A golden-hued face oil with highly vibrant powers, which instantly illuminates and hydrates tired skin, releasing dullness and congestion, radiantly removing traces of time. A blend immersed in light, lending its bright luminosity to your skin. “I am the light” delights with potent toning, invigorating and repairing powers. This refined facial oil has a beautiful connection to the third eye – the seat of our wisdom, our intuition, our inspiration.

Scent: exotic and fresh, with a soft touch of faraway lands and a hint of the lightness of being


  • glow getter, magnifies radiance

  • awakens, activates, invigorates, tones

  • hydrates beautifully

  • helps fade small wrinkles and broken 

  • antioxidant-rich

  • resonates gently with the third eye

  • highly vibrant powers

for all skin types, in particular those in need of radiance ∙ for tired, dull, congested com- plexions ∙ for delicate, young complexions due to its featherlight texture ∙ for maturing skin which hugely benefits from its toning, repairing abilities


key ingredients: Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, St. John’s Wort Oil, Pink Lotus, Cypriol, White Fir, Frangipani

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