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Sadhu Relief Oil

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SADHU is a Sanskrit word that means "The Good."

A luxurious elixir formulated with natural oils and pure fresh essential oils traditionally known to be beneficial for rejuvenation of body and mind. Mustard oil for sore muscles, arthritis and tired nerves, the essential oils of sweet marjoram, clove and ginger to decrease inflammation and increase blood flow. With the addition of Saffron's natural moisturizing, this rich blend has the natural ability to help energize the body, soothe fatigue and ignite mindfulness.

50 ml 1.7 fl.oz
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Butter Elixir

Butter Elixir is the lovechild of two New York City yogis who teamed together to create the ultimate post-practice moisturizer. With its perfectly simple package and its luxurious hand, its no wonder Butter is a favorite not only among yogis but among the fashion set as well. Their blends are perfectly naturally fragrant, richly decadent and soothing to both body and mind.

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