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Essential oil or candle? Are they vegan or...

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OEDO-KOH Water Drop Incense

A warm and friendly fragrance


Lucid Dreaming Tea

Herbal tea for a deeper sleep


Palo Santo Candle

Release calm, burn negativity


Fat Belly Tonic

Increase metabolic function


Holy Yoni Adaptogenic Oil

Cherish the altar between your legs


Deep Sleep Essential Oil Blend

Breathe in for a restful sleep


Spark Creativity

Inspire your imagination


Mindfulness Cards

Inspire calm, joy, and awareness


Animal Spirit Deck and Guidebook

Reveal your natural world self


Palo Santo Myst

Spray bye to bad vibes


The Hygge Game

Bring people together


Eye Pillow - Natural

Reconnect the mind with the spirit


Write it Down, Let It Go Journal

Set free your worries


Fortune-Telling Book of Dreams

Reveal meaning to dreams


Inscape Guarantee

Our curated products have all natural ingredients and are not tested on animals.