Introducing the Be Bold Collection

For years, consumers have told LISTERINE® Brand that the small moment of the swish gives them the burst of confidence they need to boldly take on their day. For centuries, people have used meditation techniques to find their center, empower themselves and live life to the fullest.

Together, LISTERINE® Brand and INSCAPE are celebrating the power of small habits to #UnlockYourBold.

Just a few moments of intention can have a profound impact on your entire day. With that in mind, we’ve created and unlocked a series of meditations to prepare and inspire you to be your boldest self.

Just like swishing with LISTERINE® Brand mouthwash, the exclusive meditations are intended to help you create an impactful routine of self-care. We encourage you to start your day by brushing, flossing, swishing and meditating. Explore the Be Bold Collection today.


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