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Black Tourmaline Specimen
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Black Tourmaline Specimen

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Black Tourmaline is an extremely grounding and calming stone. Known to emit the highest level of negative ions - black tourmaline is ideal for balancing the energy of your space. Perfect for a bedside table, office space or anywhere you could use a little more grounding. It is also beneficial to put black tourmaline in spaces with a lot of technology or electric signaling - to balance the ions of the room. 

Approx. 4.5 x 4.5" this tourmaline formation does not have a polished base to self stand, but can be propped up by leaning on it's side (as photographed) or against a display. Tourmaline is a softer stone than it's quartz cousins and is much more fragile. It is normal for raw tourmaline to shed small bits when held or handled. This stone should be kept away from water and is best cleansed using an herbal smoke like white sage.

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