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Gold Moon Attune Sound Set
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Gold Moon Attune Sound Set

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Attune yourself with tuning forks and sound healing! Ariana Ost crystal dishes paired with biosonics tuning forks in lovely keepsake packaging. Choose your favorite crystal and hand crafted dish. Beautiful hand sculpted moon phase brass dish.

Amplify the healing power of crystals through sonic vibration and attune your mind and body with this Sound Healing Crystal Kit.

Tapping a BioSonics tuning fork to a crystal will instantaneously bring your nervous system into harmonic balance. Allow your body to enter a deep state of relaxation channeled by this meditative frequency. Your mind will be at peace and your spirit will be elevated.

Attune is a collaborative project between Ariana Ost and BioSonics.

Ariana Ost  is a New York City atelier whose mission is to elevate the everyday by creating decorative objects infused with soul, conviction and healing energy. 

BioSonics is dedicated to developing life-changing products 

Tap the Jupiter Crystal Tuner to bring the energy of abundance, good luck, good fortune. Tuned to 2937.28 cycles per second. Release the frequency and vibration of CITRINE to feel the energy of abundance, success and joy. 

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