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Goldmining the Shadows
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Goldmining the Shadows

Honoring the Medicine of Wounds

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Honoring the Medicine of Wounds
by Pixie Lighthorse

Goldmining the Shadows helps you access qualities of your personality that went underground when they proved to be unacceptable to your caregivers and culture.  “Shadow” is the term for these discarded aspects that inform your life. Becoming familiar with your shadow reveals lost innocence, gifts, and hurts seeking healing.  Working with your shadow effectively breaks repetitive cycles of suffering.

Digestible, yet powerful, this book explores the ways shadow expresses in your life, how to engage your shadow to heal generational patterns, and how consciousness breaks the repetitive loop of suffering. This book will help you prioritize your healing while cultivating empathy, self-forgiveness, compassion, improved communication, and a broader sense of how our shadows work together to create great harm in the world. It’s purpose is to prime you for an ongoing, healthy inner dialogue with internal and external damaging influences so you can begin the process of liberation and restoration.

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