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Migraine Melter
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Migraine Melter

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Thanks to our plant friends, headaches and migraines no longer have to ruin a perfectly lovely day. Use this herbal blend to support the body with calming herbs, bitter feverfew, and soothing violet leaf to loosen the tension up top. Use daily if you are prone to migraines.
Skullcap*, California poppy*, lavender*, feverfew*, violet*, certified non-gmo cane spirits, distilled water (*certified organic)
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What's Inside

Organic Isatis Root
Organic Japanese Honeysuckle Flower
Organic Forsythia Fruit
Organic Codonopsis Root
Non-GMO Vegan Gluten Free Gluten Free Gluten Free

How to Use

  1. Take 20-30 drops every half-hour for acute situations, or take 20 drops daily for a preventative effect.


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