Our studio is a quiet space away from the distractions of everyday life. The intentionally designed 5,000-square foot studio offers fully immersive audio-guided group experiences for meditation and relaxation.

We honor the traditions of meditation while infusing modern design and technology delivered through multi-sensory experiences using light, sound, scent and inner reflection.

New to Inscape? Visit our meditation and relaxation rooms, unwind in our quiet community spaces, enjoy our curated drinks and bites, and discover gifts for yourself and others.

45 W. 21st Street, #1
New York, NY 10010
T: 646.952.0706

Open Daily, Check schedule for hours.

Our Sessions

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Meditation Experiences

Designed to settle your body and mind into meditation, our signature meditation flow includes movement, breathing, various meditation techniques, and silence. Sessions vary in length and theme, and are accessible to new and experienced meditators.

The underlying premise of meditation is that your state of mind influences your quality of life. It is about mastering the relationship with your mind and learning to accept life as it is.

Focus techniques help concentrate past outer noise and into deep calm. This practice places your attention on a single thing - your breath, a body part, or even a candle flame.
Mindfulness techniques are the practice of having open awareness in the present moment without judgement. The object of your awareness can include the five senses, body sensations, feelings or thoughts.
Mantra techniques calm an overactive mind. They are easy to learn and allow the body and mind to enter profound states of stillness. Researched benefits include less stress, anxiety, insomnia and hypertension.
The visualization flow incorporates techniques that use your imagination to increase self-awareness, compassion, gratitude and inspire a positive outlook.
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Relaxation Experiences

Relaxation sessions are experienced lying down and include a selection of traditional techniques including deep sound, deep breath and deep rest. True relaxation is happening when the “relaxation response” is stimulated. This is when your body feels safe and nurtured and sends signals to slow down your breathing and heart rate. It’s the opposite of the “flight or fight” response.

Let the sounds carry you into deep relaxation. This inviting sound journey allows your mind to find a calm and present state through guidance and handcrafted sounds. Our space is designed for full immersion. Lie down and let go.
Lie down, relax and regenerate your body and mind. Follow the guidance as you bring gentle attention to each part of your body, letting go and recharging.
These sessions use the breath to work directly with your nervous system. Your breath can unlock deep states of relaxation and bring deep calm, perfect for unwinding after a busy day.