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Still, the best sleep I’ve had in weeks cost $22, and lasted 33 minutes. It was a Deep Rest “class” at Inscape, a meditation studio in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan...

The Inscape studio provides for meditation what SoulCycle and the like do for working out. It offers accountability via class structure, assurance that you're doing it "right," and an alluring physical space that feels in line with someone you want to be.

Clever design and a warm staff made the space feel immersive and somewhat fortified from the outside world, and stillness and deep breathing is a pretty reliable formula for feeling less stressed.

All of the Inscape meditations I did culminate in a minute of "connecting your inner and outer worlds," and they gently remind you that whenever the day gets hectic, you can return to your calm, meditative state, simply by checking in with yourself.

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Our app is designed as your companion, empowering you to find balance and calm in our always-on world. We’ve thought of meditators at all levels. From a refreshing morning meditation, to a quick breathing reset during your working day, or gentle late night guidance for deep sleep, our content takes you through your day.

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A quiet space

Our studio is a quiet space away from the distractions of everyday life. The intentionally designed 5,000-square foot studio offers fully immersive audio-guided group experiences for meditation and relaxation.

We honor the traditions of meditation while infusing modern design and technology delivered through multi-sensory experiences using light, sound, scent and inner reflection. Visit our meditation and relaxation rooms, unwind in our quiet community spaces, enjoy our curated drinks and bites, and discover gifts for yourself and others.

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